Join Me in Recounting My Personal Spiritual Journey

Like many people, I was searching for the truth for most of my life. I just knew there had to be more of a point to this existence of life than what most people experience.

I was brought up in the Christian faith and I spent a great deal of time scouring the Wisdom of the Bible. Doing what I thought was my duty, I went to church and held the values of that faith as my standard in life, but I was never satisfied.

That faith I held so tightly to, constantly reminded me how much I lacked, sinned, and fell short of being the good Christian in all things, all the time. I yearned for more while trying to maintain my role in life with all the ups and downs along the way. I didn’t know exactly what that ‘more’ was supposed to be.

In 2016, I read a book called Conversations with God that ripped off the veil of what I’d been taught in life. The words of that book deeply resonated with me in profound ways that shook me to my core.

In short, my takeaways from CWG were:

  1. Love and fear are the driving force of everything.
  2. God is everywhere, in everyone, and in everything.
  3. We are extensions of God.
  4. There is no Heaven or Hell that people are sent to as an eternal reward or punishment.
  5. Souls are eternal, and reincarnation is a thing.
  6. Angels and other Beings are real.
  7. The Universe delivers to you exactly what you ask for energetically.

After that mini ‘awakening,’ I found myself questioning every internal and external belief that I took on as my own. In a lot of ways, my life was instantly free from the inner and outer judgments that I had become so accustomed to. As much as I enjoyed and appreciated this new knowledge and the sense of freedom I felt, I was left with an even bigger question. Now what?

I spent the next few years questioning everything. Religion, politics, society, and humanity in general. I was trying to find the purpose in it all.

I’ve always had a compassionate soft spot for people. Even though that never really scored me any points in the game of life that I could see definitively, I knew at my core I wanted to help others in any way I could. I was searching for the spiritual truth of who we really are as a species.

Then came 2020… the year of the pandemic, the year of everything conspiracy, and the year I lost my brother.

My world came to a halt. With a massive broken heart, I didn’t care about the purpose of life in the same way. Or at least that’s what it felt like. I just didn’t want to see the big picture without my big brother. I couldn’t wrap my head around someone like him passing away so unexpectedly and so young. It just wasn’t fair!

He was loved and admired by so many. I valued his presence in my life and I knew my life was permanently altered by his absence. Or so I thought…

Long story short, a couple of months after my brother’s death, I felt his presence all around me and we engaged in what I’ll call a telepathic communication. At the time I couldn’t be sure if my sorrow was creating the experience, so I asked him for a sign, which I was able to verify later.

My brother coming to me that day, and many times since, has renewed that big-picture passion in me. His message to me that day was “go within”. At the time, I didn’t have a clear understanding of what that entailed but it certainly got me pumped to figure it out. That sign I asked my brother for still amazes me today!

I asked him if he was with an Angel. I didn’t know anything about angels other than what the Bible said about Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel. Even that was vague information to me. My brother said he was with Archangel Azrael. Who? Obviously, I needed to research.

Turns out Azrael means “Angel of God” and his primary role is to help humans cross over to the spiritual dimensions after death. Are you kidding me? I was dumbfounded and yet so excited.

Thus, my passion took on whole new energy when it comes to helping people and figuring out the answer to that pesky little question about the purpose of it all.

Oh and before I forget, the telepathy my brother and I used to communicate, that’s one of the “Clair” gifts. Every single human has one or more of these beautiful and amazing God-given gifts. I personally believe we have them all, but some are innately stronger than others.

My purpose in this beautiful life is to help others heal themselves. And it really does begin within oneself. It can feel overwhelming to even know where to begin. I help guide people to the heart of the matter. Whether that’s to heal physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually.

Everything is connected. When you address and heal a false belief it will, in turn, release an emotional connection that may be causing a physical illness. The Divine power is within us all. After all, we are all extensions and fractals of a Divine God.