Explore More Techniques for Physical and Emotional Wellbeing

Here at Higher Awareness Inc, I customize my services to find the most effective programs for each client. I help guide you to explore and experience the benefits of Reiki, tuning fork therapy, and other healing services.


This technique is grounded on the belief that humans have energy fields or life powers that help keep us alive. When these energies are low, it is said that we can also expect intense physical and mental unbalance in our lives.

Individuals can be helped with the Life Force Energy that will work to alleviate stress and promote relaxation and healing.

Sound & Vibration Therapy

This is an exceptionally delicate, yet strong, methodology that is used to treat one’s mind and body. Tuning fork therapy works by unwinding and reestablishing the internal equilibrium of an individual.

Each session works to boost our sensory systems, tissues, and energies, promoting long-term benefits for those who receive this treatment.

Which Method Is for You?

To learn more about my wellness services and how they can benefit you, reach out to me today.