What Makes You So Unique Human Design & Gene Keys

Human Design and the Gene Keys are a synthesis of ancient systems of Astrology, the I Ching, Kabbalah, the Chakra system, Quantum Physics, Biochemistry and Genetics. Your Chart holds layers of knowledge nuggets that serve as your compass to self-awareness.

Understanding Your Inner Workings Know Thyself

Take an inward excursion to explore who you truly are. I will help guide you in understanding this system of sacred wisdom. The answers you seek are already within you just waiting to be discovered along your journey.

Examine the Codex

Deep-seated beliefs, that often times don't even originate with us, create patterns of living that keep us trapped in a recycling wheel of unconscious existing, always running in the background that ultimately only serve to limit our personal growth.

Letters of the Language of Life

The Human Design & Gene Keys systems hold different avenues of information about our characteristics, which exist to guide us toward a higher level of awareness of who we really are. They offer insights that help us fully comprehend ourselves in a way that promotes an authentic life.

Chart Your Next Move

Human Design and Gene Keys are used for a higher degree of character planning, which can be especially effective for those looking to create genuine change and progress. With my help, you can better understand your chart so that you can apply the wisdom it holds to your daily life.

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